15 Months Post Total Gastrectomy

My being stomachless doesn’t enter my mind as often anymore. Every once in a while, I struggle a little bit with a food. Or I get the feeling of a little lump in my throat that reminds me about my surgery. But generally, I eat a wide array of foods now. I can eat some salad, but don’t always feel like it. I do snack a lot and get full after a good portion size now. I eat steaks in hopes of good protein and extra iron. (Need to get my levels checked.) The one item I stay away from is corn. The skins are just too much to chew down. Ironically, popcorn is still fine; and I eat that in giant portions!

For snacks..
I spoon dollops of peanut butter out of the jar at work…it’s classy. 😉
oatmeal still is my friend (add creamer and splenda)
chips (not in excess or I feel bad)
greek yogurt (eat half, wait, eat other half….still struggle with sugar content of this if I eat it too fast)
handful of peanut butter M&Ms
I can eat a small ice cream sandwich
protein shakes (muscle milk + water. go slow or feel a bit “off”)
cheese stick

My incision is barely noticeable. Oddly enough, it was one of the incisions from the laproscopic portion of my surgery that is more noticeable. But that was my fault. I think I popped that stitch trying to walk too fast too soon after my surgery.

Running & Life…
I’m able to continue working out and running like the crazy runner that I am. My biggest constraint now is unrelated to my surgery…time. Other things seem more important. So I workout super early in the morning and sometimes get too lazy. Family, fun, work and sleep requirements are so demanding!

More Running…
So I’ve been running 5-6 miles 2x a week on weekdays and walking a few miles over lunchtime 5 days a week. I try extra hard on running days to get extra food down and focus on protein and iron. Seems to be working pretty well. I hope to get out of my laziness and force at least 3 runs per week. I am again signed up for the half marathon in January! I plan to still pass by folks with stomachs just because I can.

Even with running, I’m holding my weight at 114-115. Gaining weight is still a bit tough though. The one thing about a gastrectomy is you can snack a lot, but you can never overeat the way everyone else can anymore.

5 thoughts on “15 Months Post Total Gastrectomy

  1. Marne, your posts are very encouraging and I look forward to reading all your updates. I think I am going to try your peanut butter out of the jar snack idea! I’m now 4 months post op, returning to work, and feeling both mentally and physically so much better. I’m glad we can all compare recovery notes through blogs 🙂

    • Hey Rachel! Sorry so delayed. My wordpress app has been crashing for a while and I’ve been lazy. Congrats on the return to work. Try to make sure you take care of yourself, especially early on when you’re first back to work. It’s tough to get enough food, enough sleep and work!!!

      I’ll try to make sure and keep posting.

  2. I am 17 mths post tg. I am back at work. I am coping well but carbohydrates in the form of bread and rice troubles me. I snack constantly. Its so reading about other people stories, makes you feel normal

    • Hi Jessica!

      So good to hear!! I agree about breads and rice. They can be a bit tough, a bit hit or miss for me. If I’m careful and remember to eat slowly and chew a lot, it goes ok.

      Between the blogging community and facebook group, I’m reminded how small the world is and how many people across the globe are going through the same thing!

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