Early Morning Susceptibility to Sugars

So you’d think that at almost 10 months post op, I would’ve figured out this whole post-gastrectomy diet thing. But my husband and I were discussing my sugar crash this morning…

It seems that for breakfast, I can’t have anything sugary at all. But later in the day I can handle some sugar. His argument is that when your body has fasted all night, it instantaneously absorbs whatever you eat in the morning. This morning I had my regular English muffin with butter and scrambled eggs plus a little jam. But I finished off 4-5 bites if my son’s Kellogg’s strawberry something sugary with milk and it threw me into a mild sugar crash for 10-15 minutes.

So that’s my assessment for today. I truly feel that my body had adapted really well so far. I can eat small meals, life is good. I’ve found that one protein shake in the morning with 2 scoops of muscle milk is the only big supplement I need with my kids multivitamin at night.

It generally keeps me at my crazy energy level (distance running included) and I try to eat well and incorporate some protein at every meal. Just watch out for the first meal of the day. Also water seems to get the whole digestive system going first thing in the morning.

So happy Sunday without a stomach. Clearly God didn’t want me to have a stomach. I’m not sure why, but He is good and my life is beautiful.


9 1/2 months post op

Eating just about everything!! As long as I chew a lot, most everything agrees!!

For my friend Steve, here are my grilled mahi mahi tacos with raw cabbage and fresh tomatoes with a cilantro lime sauce!! They were awesome and I could eat both in one sitting!! I forgot to take the photo until after I’d eaten the first one!!

And all this after some winery touring!


Addicted to Oatmeal!

I am loving oatmeal right now! To add calories, I put two creamers in and to sweeten it up, I add Splenda.

Oatmeal always goes down well and it’s good on iron content.

The packaging on the Splenda made me laugh though. Thinking it’s customers want to watch their weight, it has little phrases on the packet. Tonight’s said, “Eat meals frequently to stave off the munchies.” I’m kind of chuckling away. Wanted to tell Splenda that that is what I do all the time! 🙂

Have a great night!

9 months post op & My latest 10K

I’m about 9 months post op now and am continuing on well with life. Life is normal; food is still constantly on my mind. But I haven’t thrown anything up in a while (aka food getting stuck) & my portion sizes are improving.

I’ve been able to put on some weight lately because I do look very thin. And I can run multiple times every week, 4-6 miles each time. I’d say my energy is good, but not 100%. My vitamin D levels are normal, B12 is high and protein stores (prealbumin) dropped lower again. I continue to work to incorporate protein into every meal…Greek yogurt, protein shakes, chicken, beans, etc. I plan to ask my nutritionist to do another follow up on my bloodwork to see if there’s any improvement.

For my friend Steve, I was even able to enjoy shrimp & avocado sushi. I enjoyed some jalapeño poppers for an appetizers and took half the sushi home to enjoy at lunch the next day.


My 10K last weekend was rough. The weather here was 70s and humid! And since the race didn’t start until 9:20, it just got hotter. I had to walk almost every mile for a few seconds and drank a sip of water at each water station. The race usurped all my energy that day. Hydration is key!!

So that’s 9 months without my stomach!! Have a great day!