13 Months post total gastrectomy

A lot of the Facebook group discussions talk about energy level, food and weight post TG… Also an improved look at life and getting out there tackling items on your bucket list. So here’s 13 months out and what my current view is on everything..

Energy level.. I’ve always been pretty aggressive with my schedule and manage to have a ton of energy. Though I still find that every once in a while if something disagrees with me, it’ll make me feel energyless for a good 10-15 minutes. If I’m at home, I just lay down or take it easy until “the fog lifts”. If I’m at work I can sort of walk it off.

When I get busy and am enjoying life, not feeling hunger is kind of bad. It’s super easy to lose weight when you don’t get that traditional feeling of hunger. And it’s hard to stop to eat with as long as it takes me to eat.
So after some vacationing, it’s time to go back to work so I can get back into my schedule and food routine.

Popcorn!! I can still put away some major volume of popcorn! Might not have all the nutrition, but sometimes a calorie is a calorie when you just want to hold your weight!! I was holding my weight well until our vacation, but I dropped some weight. It’s ok to eat all the time at your desk, but it’s harder to keep that up when you’re on the go. It’s also tough to eat every meal out where you feel bad for how slow you are, instead of just snacking away at your desk. My desire to “fill myself to the brim” every meal has gone away since I can usually hold my weight without the discomfort of getting that full. I hope to put some lbs back on in the next month and hydration has a lot to do with a few pounds here and there lost.

Vacation!! Remembering to stop your “busy life” and do the things that matter…my shout out to bucket lists. So we road tripped the family about 3000 miles round trip from Texas to the Grand Canyon and back. It was awesome and I’ve included pics below.

Scars after 1 year.. My scar looks amazing and I rock the two-piece bathing suit. The actual incision has faded so much you can hardly see it. I just claim my feeding tube and laparoscope incisions were bullet wounds because that sounds cool!!

Weight loss! My weight loss has stayed well controlled minus the vacation. This was not a lazy poolside vacation. This was a lot of hiking, an 11 mile Grand Canyon rim bike trip pulling a kid trailer and some eating in between all the cool stuff we did. My kids were exhausted! The only complaint I have is a desire to put on some more pounds… My shoulders look scrawny and my ribs show through too much. All in weight loss was from 126 to 114.

Life is pretty much busy and normal. I just get a reminder here and there that I don’t have a stomach.

Here’s some vacation pics.