2nd running day

My legs are still a bit sore, but I got back at it today! This run went even better, and I added a half mile. My weight seems stable with the extra mileage, but I’m forcing myself to stay diligent with my eating.

Proof of my run today (again on the dreadmill…)


2 thoughts on “2nd running day

  1. hi there,
    It’s inspiring to read your blog post. My son Jordan, age 20 has been diagnosed with Gastric Cancer, Stage IV. He has 3 more chemo treatments (5FU and Oxaliplatin) along with herceptin since he tested positive for HER2. The treatment is working. They have seen significant reduction in tumor and lymph nodes and he’s feeling really strong right now. Jordan wants to have surgery to remove the tumor and lymph nodes. It’s comforting to read your postings. Thank you. Melinda

    • Thanks for the feedback Melinda. I never know if my blog is helpful or not and comments like yours continue to make me want to share my story. You and Jordan will be in my prayers.


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