3 Weeks Post Op

So far, I’ve really only had 2 bad days of feeling crummy with nausea. But the protein theory is working to combat that. I still don’t think I’m able to eat enough during the day to drop from 4 cans on my feeding tube down to 3 cans. And I’m eating to the point where I feel overly full each time. Eating a last meal before bed hadn’t gone well until tonight. Was able to eat a 6-pack of peanut butter crackers.

My j-tube is probably the most painful thing and *gross alert* it oozes. But that’s to be expected. I also popped a stitch of two on the video camera incision underneath my belly button. Got a note out to the PA is I should do anything. It’s oozing and a slight gap, but it doesn’t look red or infected.

I get short feelings of nausea like tonight for a few minutes, but it seems to be solved with walking. I was able to walk after putting the kids to bed and it always seems to make me feel better. The only trouble is yesterday the temp was 107. Today wasn’t quite as hot, but at 9:30 at night our garage temp was 94. And because of this heat, I feel like I’m having trouble staying truly hydrated. I’m careful swallowing water, so it just takes forever.

I didn’t take any pain meds, but I think I’ll try oral ibuprofen tomorrow to see if it helps me from feeling my big incision. Nothing I couldn’t live without, but the anti-inflammatory aspect gives me comfort.

I’ll do an actual calorie count someday and see what I’m taking in. 4 cans is 1140 calories at night plus my daily input and my weight is staying basically flat. Ugh, how will I eat more?

Well, I’m tired, so goodnight.

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