5 Weeks Post Op

Still going well. Have my next follow-up tomorrow morning with the doctor. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. After as well as dropping to 3 cans in the feeding tube went yesterday, I bet I can go down to 2 cans safely to maintain my weight. We’ll see what the dietician says.

I was able to walk a known distance today… A little over a mile. It’s hot. At 9:30 am, it’s 95 and humid. Able to walk with my water and keep up my hydration. Just focusing on protein with some substantial carbs in my meals and it’s going well.

I did an afternoon shake with vitamin D milk and I must say that stuff upsets my gut and is far too dense. When I did 2 almond milk protein shakes in a day, I started getting itchy skin…too much almond must be just too much. So, I think I’ll stick with 1 almond milk protein shake a day and call it good.

I’m liking this yogurt and bagel with peanut butter breakfast also. I can do the yogurt early and then take the bagel with peanut butter along with me when I take the kiddos to school. I focus on water before and after. Seems to help! (For perspective, the whole breakfast ‘process’ takes over an hour.)

And now that I dropped a tube feed can, I think I’m hungry in the morning and more motivated to eat. The morning has been the hardest to motivate myself to eat. I’ve just felt “off”. But I’m thinking that’s just because I’m not at full hydration. (Yes, still unable to identify exactly what hunger is/feels like post total gastrectomy.)

Off to sleep now, goodnight.

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