6.5 months post op

Odd blog title, I know. But I wanted to blog my latest, and it’s about halfway between 6 and 7 months. I’d say it’s still going very well. I’m pretty happy with my current weight. It’s been stable for several months now. I even gained a pound! I think it’s a slow fade from high school thru college and 2 babies…you slowly put on a pound here or there without noticing. I’m probably the same weight I was in high school now. (Just remember, I wasn’t considered overweight going into this surgery, but I was at my top non-pregnant weight.) I would be ok putting on a few more pounds here and there if it happens just so my shoulders aren’t so bony and my ribs aren’t quite so visible.

I’m totally back to my old ways of getting lost in DIY stuff in my house. I took off for Christmas for a stay-cation, and I have a tendency to take on more projects than I have time for. Immediately post surgery, I didn’t have the energy to do that and it just took so many snacks to keep up with weight. But now, I’m able to revert to my crazy ways, to the chagrin of my hubbie sometimes. I can chew on a mini bagel with peanut butter or eat some eggs fairly quickly for breakfast. Then some water, followed by my protein shake (I’m still drinking muscle milk because it’s a bit more fat and calories with the protein. I only mix it with water because milk is just too much.) I’m able to get big projects done without my meals having to dominate my day. This is so awesome!!

It is still hard to get as much protein as I know I need. This seems critical post gastrectomy. It’s the only deficiency I had my last blood draw, and I’m curious if it’ll be low again. The plan is to run my bloodwork after my half marathon in January. I try my best by keeping up with a protein shake and almonds. I still eat peanut butter M&Ms (call if my downfall, but at least there’s some protein.)

The only times I have trouble with food getting stuck is when I try to rush my eating. And when I’m in DIY project mode, I never rush because I bring the food with me. I take a bite and chew away while either painting, installing faucets, or ‘fill in the DIY blank’. Now, I beat cancer and even get to learn about plumbing and electrical!

I generally know what foods work for me and what types of foods don’t work. Vegetables have to be well cooked and then they’re fine (soups are great for that! Minimize the broth you swallow because it’s filling. I’m able to drink the broth now, but when I start feeling full, I just eat the main soup contents.). Frozen breaded meats don’t work; if chicken is fresh breaded and fried, I’m ok. The clearly healthier option of marinated, baked chicken goes well and heats up pretty well. I can do any mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, etc. I like puréed foods for its pre-chewed factor, but it’s not necessary. The hardest thing is going out to parties where you don’t know what food will be there or analyzing a restaurant menu for what you perceive will be best to eat. I’m doing so well that no one would know I don’t have a stomach unless I told them. They just think I have a lot of self control to eat small portions…if they only knew! Ha!

Bile reflux is gross. I only have trouble with it when I do the wrong thing…eat food 5 minutes before going to bed. I think I learned my lesson last night. I never had much heartburn except with the last month of each of my pregnancies, and bile reflux seems similar to that to me. It’s completely preventable for me though, so I have to say it’s all my fault for my own bad decision.

My scars are looking better and better. They’re pretty minimal and I’d say I am tempted to cover them up with a tattoo. Who knows, I’m kind of chicken though.

God continues to strengthen me through all of this. If I ever wonder why I have this gene, I am reminded over and over that I’m blessed to know in advance. No chemo, no radiation, a curative surgery.

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