A few steps forward, a scooch backwards

Of course after posting I was doing well, that caused me to have some off days. Trying to figure out the common denominator here. Since eggo with peanut butter went well 2 days ago, I had just the eggo with peanut butter. Bad idea…sugar crash away. Maybe the key is protein with it because the only difference was I didn’t take the time to cook bacon. Maybe I’ll be brave another day to retry that combination. So, that day was just full of nausea. Started out bad and couldn’t get totally ahead of it.

So today, went with the oatmeal. Food went down fine, but my body got a little pissed off at me for not feeding it enough today (I will assume protein is the must have here). I’m still on the tube feedings, so no huge disaster or anything. Cut it down to 4 cans. I had gained weight the other morning, but pretty sure I lost that today. We’ll check during my morning weight check.

And since this is a “bummer” post, I’ll say I’m a terrible sleeper. Before surgery, I sometimes had that crazy restless legs thing going on when I try to fall asleep. It’s been back since my surgery. It’s almost like my legs are upset at me for letting the muscle dwindle away while I don’t run for a while. Maybe I should remind them it’s 100 degrees out with 99% humidity and I’m two weeks after major surgery. For some reason I don’t think they’ll listen. And sleep isn’t stellar with my j-tube in and a healing tummy. It’s like pregnancy sleeping, and that was never cool either.

So, time to put my game face on. I’ll be all cliché and say “Bring it!” Try to focus on a protein with breakfast and see how it goes. Maybe it was the coffee….I’ll gladly add some of that back in also. 😉

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