A Stomachless Work Lunch

I wanted to add a short post to elaborate on all the goofy comments you must be prepared for post gastrectomy.

For lunch, I met a coworker who was aware of my “stomachless status” at a local Mexican food restaurant. I ordered one crispy taco lunch portion which also came with rice and beans. We were having a great discussion when the food arrived. I looked over to discover that the “single” crispy taco was the size of half of a soccer ball. It was an insanely large portion. (But that’s pretty typical at restaurants, so no surprise there…)

As per usual, when my coworker was done, I took my cue that I should be finished by now and asked for my usual to-go box. At this point, I didn’t think much of what had happened. I actually thought, “Wow, I did really good. I ate half the taco, half the beans and rice and even managed to finish by drinking some of the ice water.”

When the waiter came with his to-go box, he caught me off-guard by asking, “Was there something wrong with your meal?” To which I replied, “Oh no, I just eat lunch part A and lunch part B.” He simply responded with “Oh… you’re one of those 6 meals a day people.” I thought and said, “Why yes I am.”

So, if you don’t have a stomach, be prepared for the random comments and what you plan to respond with. On a side note, I am swimming in leftovers that I need to eat. So, you should be prepared for that too if you don’t have a stomach. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Stomachless Work Lunch

  1. Hi Marne. That was so funny.

    People who eat with me sometimes have this look when they are finishing their meal that I can see is about them wondering if I am going to be there another hour. But I too am watching for cues to have the to-go box brought to the table.

    Servers often have this look on their face that I think means they are wondering how it is my much smaller wife (I am 6 ft and 190 lbs) can be done with her meal and I am done with only half-sometimes less. I just tell them I am a pokey eater.

    My wife said the other day to someone that she has learned to eat slower too since I eat so slowly. She used to be done really fast and would wind up waiting for me over her empty plate (funny that I used to be the one waiting over my empty plate pre-gastrectomy and sometimes waiting to help her with her plate).

  2. I think it is great how you handle comments like that and your situation. I’ve always had to just smile when people ask me “why I walk the way I do”-having polio has not been fun but you learn how to “laugh” through the bad times. You are amazing and I am so glad you are my daughter-in-law!!

  3. The day after you were telling me about the comments, I got my first. The server stopped by and said, “Is everything ok? You must be a really slowwwww eater!”. I stopped myself right before I blurted out so matter of factly, “no, I don’t have a stomach”. Your face and our conversation literally flashed before me.

    • It’s funny the look you get from people in response to “I don’t have a stomach.” Just say it nonchalantly and brace for the reaction. It’s pretty awesome!


  4. Enjoying your blog very much! And appreciate your sense of humor. Humor is what’s gotten me through a total gastrectomy that included removal of my entire stomach, gallbladder and spleen. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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