And Good Again…

I think the bad days are to teach you some things. Yesterday I was reminded to check nutritinonal info for restaurants. Today was great though…no hidden sugars!

I had lost a lb or 2 the other day since dropping the feeding tube and have been consuming the max of what my new digestive system can handle to try to stabilize my weight. It seems to work as long as I don’t go for a run yet! I’m consuming right at 2000 calories a day as my goal. My body certainly metabolizes that much a day because when I do 1500, my weight drops. And according to myfitnesspal app, one day I did 2700 calories and barely ticked up in weight.

Also, it’s good to mention I’m almost 6-weeks post gastrectomy and recently realized I feel better able to take bigger “gulps” of my drinks, rather then taking small sips. But while my body builds its new reservoir to replace my stomach, the space fills quickly. A buzz word that comes to mind is having to consume my food and water “ratably” thoughout the day. Other folks over a year post op say they can just about do 3 round meals a day. I’ll see how it goes for me.

I did some roasted chicken today and dipped it in some mashed potatoes and cream gravy. It’s as though the mashed potatoes and gravy helps the chicken go down. It does take a long time to chew chicken, but it’s such good protein and I really want it in my diet.

And I’m able to eat a whole large banana during the day, but I break it up into two halves. This seems to prevent any sugar overload.

Also to note, I wanted to get all my doctor’s visits in before I went back to work. (unrelated to gastrectomy). As a precursor to one visit, I had to pass a computerized pulmonary screen where you’re supposed to over exert your lungs on the exhale. I failed miserably; they’re crediting it to my recent surgery. Guess I’ll get to go redo that appointment later!

Have a good night!

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