Better portion sizes!!

So I’ve noticed I’m able to eat decent-sized meals. Today I ate half a gyro wrap with a side of hummus and enjoyed some pita chip appetizers. For dinner, I was able to eat 2 bean tamales and a cup of taco soup. These last two weeks, I can really eat a meal. It’s been really awesome. As long as I just drink water before (since I’ve gotten into such a snacking habit), I’m able to eat a good-sized portion.

As long as I don’t drink water during my meal and don’t go crazy with appetizers, I can eat a meal. This is major progress!!

I’ve been slacking on my running a little bit. Mostly feeling tired lately and being too lazy to get out for my run. My hope is I’ll get up to 8 or so miles before the half marathon and just gut it out. (Yes, that was my hilarious pun) Hopefully that’ll work!! Too much going on to squeeze everything in and not run myself into the ground.

Have a good evening.

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