So, based on what I’ve read for other post-gastrectomy patients, eating is a bit tough. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that it’s going fairly well. I’ve been really careful, eating small portions and chewing them down to mush before swallowing. It takes me kind of forever to eat, but it’s been pretty successful.

Ironically, cheez its go down the best so far. I get some discomfort with some foods while they go down, but not cheez its. It’s only mild discomfort and I can’t tell if it’s where the doctor connected my esophagus to my intestines or if it’s where my throat got irritated. I’m confident that’ll feel better over time.

I haven’t been brave enough to eat any sweets, but I did have 3 bites of an ice cream sandwich with no issues. Hopefully my theory of moderation will continue to make my transition to the stomachless life pretty good. I’m lucky, no real nausea now. The only problem is my energy level. I need a lot more energy to keep up with my kiddos and it’s just not there right now. Guess I’ll just be napping for now.

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