Cold Meals

Eat your meals slow & steady. That’s how it’s going to get all my calories in. It means I eat all day long. And my baby analogy continues on…just like when caring for a baby, post-gastrectomy means a lot of cold meals (My babies hung out with Murphy because they’d only cry, poop or wake up when my food was piping hot and ready to eat.)

Food/drinks I’ve done ok with lately:
Ice cream

Yay!! Normal is coming around very quickly for my very speedy recovery. And my energy levels are getting better and better all the time. The good thing for my kids is that my body seems to be as tired as theirs. I guess they’re growing and I’m repairing. It helps me get respect for how tired little kids can get.

On a side note, the shooting pains in my side from I’m guessing where my feeding tube used to be is really annoying. I’m not a happy person when I’m in pain. Luckily it just seems to come and go in random spurts. It’s not that often, but when something hurts, it’s easy to focus on it.

Also, my spitting back up of my food still happens usually with the first bite when I don’t chew well enough. Funny to say sometimes when I initially sit down for a meal (not snacks), I kind of forget I don’t have a stomach. Then my body reminds me. Ironically I do better eating on the go. If I’m driving and eating, I must eat slower and chew more thoroughly.

I must say I’ve been encouraged by the comments I’ve gotten from people about to have to go through this. It reaffirms I need to keep up this blog with details of my experience for others. I give a lot of details about what I go through for their sake.

But it’s just an extra focus in my life right now. Life is getting back to normal. Maybe this was the hurdle in life I was supposed to go through. I can have my moments watching people inhale their food while I slowly work and work at it. They don’t know I don’t have a stomach and I sometimes wonder if they just think I have some kind of eating disorder. Other than my handful of bitter moments, life is good and I’m so blessed and happy.

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