Day 6 in the hospital

Lots going on today. Got my second IV tube removed and we removed the epidural this afternoon. Definitely need some extra pain meds now that my midsection isn’t being constantly numbed.

The morning did start with my mom and I leaning my head over the shower drain and washing my hair. So, score one for team Marne….hair and makeup. Also attended j-tube (feeding tune) 101. Hubbie and mom attended also. Pretty simple stuff.

The kids came up this afternoon and cheered up the entire hospital. They’re allowed to push my IV stand. It was quite possibly the longest walk I’ve gone on, so long the nurse mentioned they wondered where we had gone. We visited “the park” and then went up to the top floor observation deck. I took a short snooze and then was happy to see my friends Janet and Robert who were in town from Australia!!

So, just working on how to control my pain now through the feeding tube instead of the IV. And I get to sip clear liquids now, a max of 60 mL per hour. Yes, that’s tiny.

That’s all for now. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 in the hospital

  1. Hi Marne, Gretchen gave me an update today and I must say you are a very brave woman. I’m sending you positive thoughts and prayers. This is the first blog I have ever read ! Take care and you can email me if you need to keep your mind occupied.

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