Day Two

So last night had one more “freak out” episode. I was trying to sit up in bed for someone, I believe to check the epidural in my back. Turned into a 15 min pain debacle, so they shot me up with some good narcotics to get me back in control. I really feel like that was the last one.

I was able to see the kids this afternoon. Put on some make-up, called my hair done and hung out for a while. Trying my best not to scare my kids because I think my current tube& IV count is 5. H was somewhat aware beforehand, but I think it must be a bit of a shock. My hubbie’s family had prepared S too. She was super sweet and cuddly! So glad she didn’t try to jump on me or anything.

A little humor for the day….
Why is a gastrectomy like a c-sections?
1. You get epidurals
2. There’s a baby to take care of afterwards, except this time it’s me
3. Hydrocodone
5. Formula – the stuff going into my feeding tube is definitely formula!
6. The slow, required hallway walks to rebuild your strength

Was feeling way worse than I am now. I think my strength is building now. It helps I’m getting some nutrition.

Now I’m exhausted and off to sleep.

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