Does This Feeding Tube Make Me Look Fat?

I just thought that title was funny. I’m now 4 weeks and 1 day post-op. I definitely feel stronger everyday. I usually crash pretty hard for an afternoon nap with the kiddos and that helps. Still haven’t been sleeping overly well at night.

So far, I only really had a few throw up issues a while back. It hasn’t really happened since. Other than that, when food gets stuck going down, it’s usually because I forgot for a second and didn’t chew up my food to a mush. It’s almost like the theory with a newborn baby when you burp them. It’s like air gets trapped below the food. When that happens, I kind of spit up food. Not puke, just spit up. The newborn baby analogy continues. I also have to be fed every few hours, just like a baby. I’m going to have too much fun with this one.

Still for me no nausea since the one bad day. Occasionally after something sugary with no protein to balance, I just feel cruddy afterwards. Other than that, I’m just trying to consume more daily food and water. Broke down and have finally had some coke zero…just craving a soda. Don’t know carbonation is considered great, but it kinda went well for me. The only question I have post gastrectomy is what are the absorption levels. Caffeine seems to hit faster. Also when I take the pill form of ibuprofen, does it fully absorb and does it absorb at the same speeds. All good questions for my follow up next Thursday.

Other items I can think of…I burp and hiccup a lot post surgery. Hiccuping is obnoxious. Burping isn’t like 9 year old boy belching and laughing; it’s more like quiet, held-in burping nobody would really notice. Makes me wonder if air gets trapped more easily when you’re not very far out from surgery. Fingers crossed it goes away.

I have been reading other blogs about other people’s post-op issues. The big one is “dumping syndrome”. If you’ve not heard about it, think diarrhea and sweats. I haven’t had this yet. (Now that I write this, it’ll probably happen tomorrow because that’s how Murphy’s law works.)

So I just need to keep focusing on calories in, protein, walking, and rest. Hope to sleep tonight. Today was napless. Goodnight.

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