First Post Gastrectomy Race!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was my first food-based holiday without a stomach, and every bite stayed down. If anything, the endless snacking that I associate with Thanksgiving is very conducive to not having a stomach. For the formal meal, I enjoyed a little of everything and my general portion size was pretty decent.

I participated in the local Turkey Dash 10K this morning. I’d say I’m very out of shape vs last year since I haven’t been keeping up with my usual training program towards my half marathon in January. But I’m super excited to say I rocked the race. It was my farthest distance since my surgery. It’s a small enough race and I’m just fast enough that I even managed to come in 3rd in my age group. I was absolutely elated! For comparison, last year I was in the 6:40 range. This year, I’ve slowly driven my pace back down to a 7:41. My husband and I chuckle that even with this surgery, I’m still fast enough to place in races.

It reminds me that your body can overcome and adapt quite well to this surgery. My eating is a bit of an odd circumstance, but I still enjoy watching a ton of cooking shows (irony, I know) and am still out there racing. With extra care and attention to my health, it is possible.

Have a great evening!

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