Foods that are working well now

I am 14 weeks post total gastrectomy.

Here’s some foods I’ve been sticking to lately. I’ve ranked them by chew factor. The bigger chewing requirements mean I have to be more careful or some of it might come up. My no chew items haven’t caused me any issues, woohoo!

Minimal chewing required
Lactose-free milk
Sandwich thins slathered with peanut butter
Processed cheese slices
Addition of protein powder (have to sip slowly because of fullness)
Spoonfuls of peanut butter straight from the jar

Some chewing, but goes well
Those frozen tilapia filets baked, add butter
Jasmine rice
Peas (over green beans b/c of their skin)
Strawberries (over grapes b/c of their skin)
Bananas (but filling. Usually just do half at a time)
Box Mac n cheese
Peanut butter crackers
Cashews (high calorie, easiest nut to chew, kind of sad by the protein count)
Cooked beans
Soups in general (not necessarily high calorie, but soup contents are soft and easy to chew)

Diligent chewing, but I consider it worth it
Chicken (fried stays juicier and therefore easier to chew, baked also & probably healthier)
Sausage with skin peeled off

With the exception of the fruits and clear carbs like rice/pasta, all of the above have great protein content. Amazingly Mac n cheese shows 12g protein. I focus on chicken because I can get 40g protein. Since I’m trying for 75g per day, I need a lot of protein!!! Between my morning protein shake, peanut butter and chicken, I’m able to hit my protein goals.

Have a good night!

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