Getting back to running…

So I need a plan for my return to running, but it’s still hitting 104 here. Yuck! I might have to start with some undesirable dreadmill jogs to get back into it.

My weight is now down to the 111 range. So that’s a total of 12lbs lost to date. Basically the biggest concern about the return to running is my ability to keep my weight up. It takes everything I have to stay at the weight I’m at today. Doesn’t sound like a lot of food on paper, but it’s taking constant effort to be where I am. But I need to get back at it because my leg muscles are dwindling sadly away; this exercise hiatus can’t be good for my health.

So my B12 was high, my iron was good and my prealumin (indicative of long-term protein stores) was low. So I just need to incorporate more protein into my diet. I had cut out the protein shake a while back because it was tearing up my gut a little. I’ll have to try again and see how it goes.

And other than that, I’ll need to go buy pants one size smaller. Now my old ones are too loose. So that’s all my random thoughts for today.


One thought on “Getting back to running…

  1. Hi Marne,
    I’ve just started reading your blog.

    I had a same operation 20 days ago and I lost 7kg.

    No feeding tube installed.
    Still difficult to swallow any food except soups.

    I am suffering only with dumping synodrome, it takes whole my energy away and leave me on zero level.

    Therefore, I stay away from sugar because it happened to me when I had a ice cream and chocolate mousse.

    Before surgery, I was very fit athlete.
    Running 20km a week and going to gym 5 times a week.

    Now I’m very weak, but start walking 2km a day.
    I’m only eating home made food, such as chicken soup with vegetable, eggplant pure, boiled French beans with olive oil, rice stuffed green bell pepper, spinach with beef minced beef, 2-3 soft boiled eggs, lots of yogurt and freshly squeezed mix fruit & veg juice.

    I’m chewing my bites almost 50 plus times. I had a couple of nasty experience regarding less chewing.

    I’m eating every two hours and drinking almost one liter water while I’m walking.

    I’m wondering when I will be able to go back to gym.

    When this surgery area will be completely recovered…

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

    I appreciate very much.

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