Got to go Home!!

So, I was trying to get home Friday night after making sure some soft foods agreed with me for breakfast and lunch. But unfortunately, I felt nauseous all day Friday from when I woke up until I went to bed. They gave me zofran, but that did nada. The only thing that worked was sleep to feel mildly better.

So I had gotten my hopes up during the day Friday, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I figured out the problem late Friday night when they gave me the pain meds that mix acetaminophen with hydrocodone through my feeding tube. Immediately when they gave it to me, I start heaving. Unpleasant, to say the least! But woke up Saturday morning feeling perfectly fine. Had no more hydrocodone and felt fine all day.

Managed to get down 1 scrambled egg, a12oz Gatorade G2, then Cheerios with almond milk. No nausea, felt fine. A bit tough to get the eggs down mentally, but everything feels fine with my new plumbing design. Ironically, the most pain I have eating appears to be from my sore throat from when they had the intubation tube and the endoscope down my throat.

Big going home exit:


Tonight, got to figure out how to run my feeding tube at home, but most importantly got to lay down in bed with my children and read them their bedtime stories. Today has been an exhausting day, for sure. But one thing about little kids, they’re too much fun to hang around with to feel sorry about yourself and this surgery. If anything, your recovery goes better because you’ve got more to do than watch MD Anderson’s tv and walk the hall in the surgery waiting area one more time. At least now my walks can be at home or around the block.

And on a funny note, while face timing the kids during their bath the other night, H farted so loud I could hear it through FaceTime. I just died laughing and then I was in so much pain from all the laughing. But it was hilarious. For as much emphasis as these doctors have about gas, it seemed a fitting addition to some post gastrectomy humor.

Goodnight. I will be enjoying a nice comfortable sleep in my own bed tonight, uninterrupted by any nurses, blood draws, you name it. It’s going to be awesome!

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