Hidden Sugars – Nutritional Data

So, the biggest issue I do fine with as long as I watch it is real sugar content (Splenda, etc is fine.). Key learning yesterday…ALWAYS check website nutritional data before ordering at any restaurant. Turns out the bowl of soup I had yesterday had almost 27g sugar in the whole bowl! I eat slowly, so was able to tell I was starting to feel bad halfway through and took the rest to go. The problem is, you start feeling fine after the sugar overload is processed, but at that point, you don’t eat or drink when you feel crummy.

At this point in recovery, if I’m not eating or drinking every hour I’m awake, I’ll be unable to stabilize my weight. I REALLY want this feeding tube out, so I’m giving it full focus. I dropped a lb when I weighed this morning, but I also felt dehydrated. I’ve spent today doing hydration catchup, but that makes it really hard to get all my calories in.

I was able to go to the store for some more almond milk yesterday, so I’ve got my daily protein shake added in. Regular milk is too thick to get down, although I guess it’s more calories. Hopefully that helps my calories a little today. I’ve also found processed foods we consider “kid food” is easy to get down, like fish sticks, hot dogs and lunchables. Not super healthy, but has never caused the “spit up” effect.

I’m walking a little over a mile each morning. We’ve actually had weather in the low 80s, so it’s not too bad. Just walk & drink water & try to enjoy my current slow life. I get to spend lots of time with my children, and that always makes me feel good, especially laughing at all the crazy stuff they say.

Toddler humor for today:
Kiddo: “Mommy, I know all my vegetables.”
Me: “Oh yeah?”
Kiddo: “Yeah, like chocolate.”

At least I know we enjoy the same vegetables!

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