How to Eat Chiptole Without a Stomach! 11 months post op

I do love Chiptole’s food, and I can now eat a hearty portion. The weather here has been amazing, and they have a patio, so count me in!!

It’s easiest to order the bowl so you cut the tortilla out. And the pork/carnitas seem to have always gone down the easiest. Also, the bowl is easy to take your leftovers and to reheat. Their portion sizes are giant!!

Since I can now eat raw veggies without them coming back up, I added the mild tomato salsa and a little bit of lettuce for some crunch!! I prefer black beans and go with the white rice. For calories, I go ahead and add sour cream and cheese….yum! I like the spicy salsa too!

Here’s what I ate and then took the rest home! All stayed down. No discomfort.


Happy eating my stomachless friends. Remember, I’m almost a year post-op, so if you just had the surgery, this will be a bit much. This is just a sample of where I’m at 11 months after surgery!

3 thoughts on “How to Eat Chiptole Without a Stomach! 11 months post op

  1. Chipotle! Looks so good! Right now, Kate just orders whatever she wants and then gets a side of chicken in a ramikin just for me, it’s the perfect combo! Bummer the tortilla is still a no go after 11 months, I’ve tried it many, many times, and I’ve just given up on it. Cheers!

    • Hey Steve!!

      Forgot to tell you I could eat he tortilla, but it cuts into total volume and how I’d rather have more protein items. Plus just the logistics of reheating food. The bowl is easier.

      I do enjoy fresh tortillas from some of our local stores with peanut butter as a snack or something!! Love tortillas!! No need to rule them out long-term, for sure!!

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