Is that what bile tastes like?

So I know that technically I’m supposed to sleep with my head propped up a bit to let gravity hold everything in place. But I’m me, so how I actually sleep is completely flat on my “tummy” (still don’t know how to strip the word stomach out of my vocabulary). In the middle of the night, I don’t even use a pillow. I just lay completely flat. So, kids have been waking me up about every night for the past two weeks. After one wakeup, it felt like I needed to burp, so I did and….with the most disgusting aftertaste ever. Wow, yuck. It seems that the closer to bed I eat, the more careful I have to be about trying to sleep a little propped up. I just get a bit freaked out if I know I haven’t eaten enough during the day and try to do 2 cups of Cheerios in 2% milk. It’s a big bowl, but at the end of the night I can do most all of it. If I don’t eat immediately before bed, this doesn’t normally happen, so yay!

I generally have felt more light-headed/dizzy than I ever did before my surgery. Murphy’s law decided this would be the week of my life to need a root canal, so I got my blood pressure taken. It’s not officially low, but it’s lower than I usually see it. And really though, who has low blood pressure before a root canal? That can’t be normal. So I started reading some articles, and low blood pressure can have a handful of root causes. When I read through, it seems like anemia and hydration are my most likely culprits. There are also multiple types of anemia. I’d assume my daily B12 drops are keeping B12-based anemia at bay, so I have to guess iron deficiency is my problem. The article said a lot of your iron absorption is in your duodenum. Since mine has been bypassed, it seems fair this could be my problem. I’ve emailed my nutritionist to confirm if I should take iron. I had to take iron supplements near the end of both pregnancies since my counts got low near the end of both pregnancies. We’ll see how it goes.

A great positive to mention….for what seemed like “forever” after my feeding tube was removed, I’d get those harsh shooting pains on my left side about where I assume my small intestines is. They would come erradically and would make me an unpleasant person. I realized this week, that pain has completely stopped!! It must have been 2 weeks+ since I can even remember it happening!

On a side note, I hiccup a lot. And it’s obnoxious.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’m exhausted. Have a good evening.

4 thoughts on “Is that what bile tastes like?

  1. The symptons I am seeing are three fold. Acid Reflux, Highly acid taste in my mouth and when it gets really bad my tongue feels like its been burned and its been cut like a paper cut.
    The two tests that have been run on me have been (I call it an upper GI) but there is another name that the doctor uses and there is a bulb they put in your stomach and every time you feel that youi are having an acid attack you press a button which apprantly does some recording. The second test is a swallowing test, where you eat toast with jam.
    Both tests came back negative.
    Meanwhile the acid reflux and the acid mouth are driving me insane. Nothing seems to neutralize the acid. I am on 2 aciphex’s a day and 2 rentidine tablets a day and 2 omeprazol tablets a day and it just doesn’t help.
    The gastrolenterologist seems that he is in no hurry to address my issue and doesn’t seem to get that I am in pain and discomfort.
    I am loosing sleep and sometimes only get 2 hours a night. I find myself screaming at people because I am hurting so much and am depressed because of lack of sleep (I am already taking a sleep medication).
    Does someone have a suggestion on how to neutralize the bile taste in my mouth?
    I briefly looked around and the suggestions I saw I have tried in many variations with no results. However this does seem to come and go. Sometimes I am fine for a week and then sick for 3 weeks. Sometimes it goes away for 3 weeks.
    The gastroenterologist said to try Gaviscon and that does help for 2-3 MINUTES and its back.
    I have tried a heavy duty syrup called Gavison heavy duty and it just doesn’t do a thing.
    Anyone have any suggestions until in a month and a half till my next Gastroeneroligist visit?

    Oh yes I have varied my diet for weeks on end and nothing seems to help.

    • Hi Ed,

      I ended up discovering that bile is a base, so anything acidic will counter. Honestly the most effective drink is caffeine free coke zero. (Caffeine free because it usually wakes me in the middle of the night.) Orange juice is perhaps healthier but with sugar. Works usually, buy not always as quick.

      Hope that helps. Has been a life saver for me.


      • IIIThanksIIII I do not use caffeine all that much (1 cup of coffee a day). Orange juice I have tried as well as other drinks. Food does not make a difference. See my new entry for interesting (I think) details.

  2. I litterly take 5 major antacids a day and I am still experiencing issues *ALL* the time, night, day, walking, sitting. The one gastroenterologist I was seeing gave up on me and sent me to a surgeon to have stomach surgery. The surgeon was a jerk so I decided to get another opinion. I went to a different hospital where the doctor thought I was just another patient. The problem had him stumped as all my tests came back negative. He had me talking to 2 or 3 different doctors all gastroenterolgists and again they thought I was a typical patient and asked me the same questions as all the other doctors have. He then decided to try a different tack and gave me gabapenten. The doseage he gave me was too high and I had a lot of side effects (plus it didn’t help with the acid). I just so happen to have a very good regular doctor. I told him what was going on and he suggested that I take Lyrica instead of the Gabapenten. The first week was 10mg twice a day, nodifference. The second week he doubled the doseage and that didn’t help either.
    The fifth week he gave me 50 MG twice a day and it started to work (sort of).
    After 6 or so hours the acid would come back. I am at 100 mg a day which supposedly is a high doseage..
    I am going back next week to see the gastroenterologist to see what he has to say. I must say that the gastroenterologist does not like contact more than every three months, but man am I suffering and am not happy with his once every three months attitude.

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