It’s Gonna Get Stinky Here

So, I’ve done pretty well walking 4-5 times a day. I’ve found that with my intermittent naps, I can only fall back to sleep again after getting up and walking to tire myself out. My next goal is to not push the button for additional pain meds above and beyond the base amount I continuously get through my epidural.

Why the title, you ask? So, I asked the nurse today if I am allowed to take a shower. The disappointing answer was no, not with my epidural still in. So, we’ll see how much my deodorant and body splash will cover.

They increased my tube feedings yesterday, and I’m able to tolerate it. Hopefully they’ll be able to increase it later tonight or tomorrow.

They also like taking my blood around here everyday. That gets a bit old, but apparently my potassium levels were too high yesterday, so they fixed it. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling better too.

Also, last night, Grandma C and I scoped out the kid park downstairs. The kids seemed pretty stoked to check that. So that’ll be fun.

So, in good spirits today. Did walks at midnight and 5. Going to keep up with it!

One thought on “It’s Gonna Get Stinky Here

  1. Marne:

    I’m so glad you are feeling better. You probably already know this, but try using baby wipes to clean your body. It’s not much, but it will help you to feel refreshed. Also, try using dry shampoo for your hair. I know it’s superficial, but it does help in the healing process to feel clean.

    Sending good thoughts your way for continued progress. Your kids may not understand why mommy is in the hospital with tubes now, but they will appreciate the sacrifice you made when they get older.

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