It’s Official

I got the pathology report on my stomach today, and mine came back with 4 foci of cancer. It’s considered stage 1 cancer. It reconfirms my (and our family) decision to pursue a prophylactic total gastrectomy.

Now, I know I will be around for my kids for a very long time. And I’d venture to guess, I’ll probably get the itch again to run another marathon ( or 2 or 3…). I also owe my friends a trip to Australia, as well as many other places I’d like to travel to. My recovery is just a minor slowdown in a great life to live.

Thanks to No Stomach For Cancer ( for sharing info and blogs from others like me leading up to this major surgery.

The physician’s assistant and dietician said I am recovering like a rockstar. Maybe all those crazy marathons I’ve run had more benefits than I even knew.

One thought on “It’s Official

  1. WOW! I’ve been wondering. I guess – YEA!?! Although I don’t think I have ever said that for a positive cancer report. While it was / still is tough, it sounds like you are doing great and I’m so glad you went through with this and will be around for years and years to come! jkt

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