It’s Only a Flesh Wound and Other Random Thoughts Today

In two days, it will have been two weeks since my surgery. Knock on wood, but I actually feel really really good. After talking with other people who had gastrectomies and reading blogs, we had mentally prepared for me to be pretty laid up in bed this whole time. I’m not saying I’m up for a marathon right now, but with a lot of resting, I can take care of myself and partake in the kids’ bedtime routine. No nausea. Just officially the slowest eater ever. I get the vibe that sugars will be bad, but I’ve basically been able to eat small portions of all the yummy meals everyone has brought over. Far beyond our initial expectations. I’d like to say I must be a rock star, but I will credit improved medicine, the best surgeon, excellent pain management post-op through the epidural, my physical fitness level going in, and the power of half this community praying for me. I know I am in His hands and my healing must be going this well for a reason.

My random list of the night…
1. The j-tube, aka feeding tube, still creeps me out a little. It’s like an open flesh wound in the body. A random tube hanging out of my tummy. But, I’m also so glad to have it keeping my weight up right now, providing high protein, healing nutrition.
2. Added surgery bonus – my belly button never set back right after c-section 2. My gastrectomy somehow, someway fixed my belly button! Score one for me!
3. My abs can’t catch a break – been here before after baby 1, then baby 2 and now the mine field my tummy is right now. Alas, I know it’ll return, and this surgery was probably the easiest on my abs.
4. Cheez-its – I still love them. Glad that’s on my list of can-do foods!
5. Lazy feeling – take the kids to preschool and then take my nap. Makes me feel lazy. Got to keep reminding myself this is normal. (Yes, I have trouble slowing down.)
6. Can I still call it my tummy? – a tummy is a reference somewhat to your stomach. Is it a misnomer to refer to your midsection as your tummy after the surgery? Or is it ok because we also say babies grow in mommy’s tummies and that’s not entirely accurate either.
7. Did I pass this crappy gene onto my great kiddos? – Not sure, but I do trust that the medicine in 20 years will be far superior and my kids will say it’s insane I had my stomach removed to beat it “in my day”
8. Why is that blood thinner shot in my arm a bigger bruise than anything on my tummy? – so immediately following surgery, they shot blood thinner into my arm. Then the next day, they shot it into my gut. ( Far less bruising in the gut, but still a slight bruise at the injection site. Still painful.) So, one of the nurses made the mistake of telling me I have the right to refuse anything. After day 2 of blood thinners and fully aware post op there is a risk of blood clots, I refused the blood thinner shots.
9. My 4 year old likes to show everyone who brings over food mommy’s boo-boos. So, be fully prepared to see the mine field because he might make sure you see it.
10. Toddlers are funny – So when I “Kidify” my explanations to kids about what’s going on with mommy, a joke I made was that mommy’s drinking a baby bottle. The stuff going in the j-tube can best be described as formula. So the preschool teachers asked S how mommy was doing. Her response: “Haha! Mommy’s eating baby food.” Needless to say, the teachers were dying laughing. Of all the things we told the kids, that’s what she chose to repeat to her teachers.
11. Most people cook better than me – Tonight, we were treated to pork loin, mashed potatoes and the best green beans I’ve ever had. I might not be able to eat large portions, but everything is going down ok so far. Just some slight discomfort; I just try to heed to advice of others and chew really well.

Well, this is far too long. If you’ve read this far, wow! Have a good night.

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