My Brother’s Surgery Date

Deja vu … Now I get to see a total prophylactic gastrectomy from the supporting family member perspective. So the whole family is back in the same surgery waiting area as they were for me, except this time I’m waiting and my brother’s surgery is in progress. We’ve been discussing how the process around the whole surgery isn’t as daunting now that I’ve gone through it and we all know what to expect. Though I think waiting while the surgery is going on is harder than being asleep during the surgery.

His stomach was removed around 2:50, so they’re waiting to confirm all the stomach tissue is removed before they put his digestive track back together in its new form. We got an update at 4 that the diagnostic work finished, so they should be putting him back together. Estimated total surgery time was 5ish hours (mine took 6 because I so desperately wanted a small incision). Like brother, like sister now. We will have matching scars to show off in no time!!

I love my brother. I wish my brother didn’t have to go through this same surgery. But I know my surgeon is the best. I know both of us will no longer die from stomach cancer; we will both attend our childrens’ high school and college graduations and weddings. This is our bump in the road to continuing on our beautiful lives.

I’ve successfully tried some new foods lately:
A raw apple with the skin on (plus peanut butter)
Grapes with skin going better
Cooked tomatoes with the skins
A bit of lettuce on a salad
Steel cut oats with flax seed (Never realized how many good things were in flax seed) and I add two little creamers and a Splenda to it. So tasty!!
Red curry with rice from my favorite Thai place
Popcorn!! (I can eat a bunch!)

Foods still not worth my time:
The “healthy alternative” lettuce and chicken wrap at work. The quality of the tortilla is like eating rubber. It’s overstuffed with iceberg lettuce. And it just doesn’t taste good. Mark that off of my food list.
Rubbery green beans

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