My First Post Gastrectomy Margarita

Here’s another silly post.

So, alcoholic drinks do seem to “hit a little harder” since I bid a fond farewell to my stomach. I hadn’t been brave enough to try a margarita, so tonight I’m trying one. Let’s call this a dry run before a fun bachelorette party I’ve been invited to next Friday. My goal for next week, to drink a margarita there and pretend that I have a normal digestive tract!!


And if I can enjoy a margarita tonight at our favorite TexMex restaurant, I will feel like I’ve returned to normal. This restaurant is a family favorite. My kids ask for it by name, and they’re preschoolers!! It’s yet another step towards my return to normal.

Feeling happy to pretend I’m normal tonight! Plus I rocked my caloric intake at work today. I pretty much spend all morning consuming to get there: protein shake with lactose free milk, sandwich thin w/ peanut butter, Greek yogurt…

Have a blessed evening.

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