My First Stomachless Half Marathon

It was a glorious success!! I took 3 Gus during the race and took water at each water stop. The Gus were much needed for energy and caffeine since I don’t shovel enough food in fast enough beforehand!

I ran 1:39:55, 7:37 min/mi. Clearly the removal of my stomach has not substantially impacted my pace! Awesome!! It was a beautiful day for a race. I felt really great my first 10K but was pushing my energy for the last 4 miles or so. I will need to continue to gain some lbs so I have some extra fat stores to burn during these races.

After the race:

Either way, today was a post-gastrectomy success; a race in honor of my brother’s journey to recovery and all my fellow stomachless friends out there! It IS possible.

Have a great evening.

4 thoughts on “My First Stomachless Half Marathon

  1. Congrats Marne! Your progress is inspiring for me to read as I also have an active lifestyle and was concerned about the ability to continue to do prolonged aerobic activity post total gastrectomy.

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