My weight loss is becoming apparent

I feel like everyone knows their own bodies best, so when people gain/lose weight, they might see the results before getting a comment from a friend or coworker. I have now apparently lost enough weight that a coworker noticed, one who didn’t really know about my surgery.

As long as I still look strong and not like a slight wind will blow me over, I’m good. I still figure people must think I have an eating disorder. Though if they walk by my desk when I’m spooning peanut butter out of the jar, I’m sure they’d reevaluate that assumption.

I was able to eat lamb today at a great Mediterranean food place. I was with friends, so I was really excited by how well everything went down and more importantly stayed down. And since I’m supposed to try for 75gs of protein a day for the next 3-4weeks, whatever I can do to eat meat every meal works!!

Now to stop losing anymore weight. We shall see! Wish me luck!

Have a great evening! (Even this short work week has me exhausted.)

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