Near Miss

I’m back at my desk job and one of corporate America’s working world buzz words is “near miss”, something you report as an almost accident so it won’t happen for real.

Today was a near miss for throwing up at work. Very suddenly getting that “I’m going to puke now” moment. My mouth starts watering, feels like a puke is impending…cue power walk to bathroom (takes at least 30-45 seconds from my desk), throw open stall door, spit in toilet, spit a few more times. All that haste to get to the bathroom and then the feeling passes.

I have to say, this has happened quite a few times where I really have the warning signs I will throw up, but I never do. And yay for food staying in and the feeling passing.

All that said, I ventured onto the full fat chicken salad sandwich today. Horrible… Loved the grapes. Picked out the celery because that just ain’t happenin. Mayo must just be too heavy. I managed to eat the whole sandwich, but lunch started at 11:30 with some chips and the sandwich wasn’t finished until 3:40. (I had a butterfinger mini and some water in the middle of the whole thing.) I will say chicken salad is just too heavy. It gets the official thumbs down.

That’s all for today! Have a good evening!

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