No better time than the present

Well, I wasn’t sure when I’d be completely ready to startup running again, so I just packed my workout clothes today and went for it. It’s too hot outside with my slow rehydration abilities, so I had to opt for the dreadmill. Plus I figured with my first return to running, if I passed out or something happened, better to be at a gym where someone could help. Luckily, nothing bad happened. No need to call the gym staff!

I was able to just start running. It wasn’t overly pretty, my legs are probably the weakest I can remember. But it was great! Slow, but great! I have a lot of building up to do, so it’ll take some work to get back to full strength. Plus I’m being careful around my incision. I’ve been coddling my incision area for quite some time, so I’m still a little leery about getting too crazy.

Now I’ll just have to see if I can compensate for the calories I burn during my run. We’ll see. Today seemed to go ok. Exhausted as usual, but my run added a burst of energy!


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