Pretty lucky, Pretty Normal – 18 months Post Total Gastrectomy

So, the Houston heat is finally on its way out. And I made it out this morning for a run. It was foggy and probably 99.9% humidity. So much moisture in the air that water droplets formed on my eyelashes while i was running. I was jogging in the dark with streetlights to light the pathway, thinking I’m pretty lucky. Here I am, doing life, getting my quiet time in the morning, just running the block. (A little voice in the back of my mind was also thinking my pace has slowed since I’ve been taking it easy.)

I am still able to keep up with life. My concerns now are the same as anyone. Am I spending my time the right way, with the people in my life I love? Am I focusing on what really matters? Am I taking care of myself: extra iron, plenty of protein, enough sleep, exercise, time for rest and relaxation?

Life at 18 months is good for me. I do snack all the time because if I eat too fast or too much, certain foods can make me feel bad.

Foods I take my time with (consume half, wait 15 min, consume 2nd half):

  • greek yogurt
  • 6 oz glass of 2% milk
  • lunchable
  • really fatty foods – think nachos with loaded greasy queso

Foods that just go well

  • Spaghetti with sauce or meat sauce
  • Lasagna
  • Non-processed homemade meal (meat + veggie + starch)

Foods that go ok, but chew well

  • hamburger
  • tomatoes or veggies/fruits with skins

Hit or miss foods

  • Reheated chicken (no clue why I’ve had problems with this. It’s the reheating…
  • Rice – Can go ok or can get stuck
  • Chugging water really fast – just gets stuck (this is when I forget I’m missing a stomach)
  • Raw bell peppers
  • Pickles – the skins

I’m sprucing up the blog a little bit, adding categories and trying to focus on what will help fellow CDH1ers or folks who have had or are going to go through a gastrectomy. Since life at this point is so far from gastrectomy, I’ll likely focus on food, exercise, health & living life to the fullest.

Have a great night!

3 thoughts on “Pretty lucky, Pretty Normal – 18 months Post Total Gastrectomy

  1. I’m having my surgery on November 12th . I’ve been diagnosed with gist cancer in June. The tumor is attached to the lining of the stomach on top,the surgeon won’t know for sure if he can save a little bit of the stomach till he gets in there,it’s very close to the eshapagus. I’m very scared.the doctors say that if you have to get cancer this is the best one to get! Very cureable, however I’m allergic to both chemo pills that usually shrink the tumor, so they have to go in now.I don’t know of anyone else that has no stomach so I’m hoping that I can meet someone on the Internet that has gone through this.

  2. Very interesting and very informing. I’m still very concerned about the surgery right afterwards.
    Not very good at setting up the website.

    • There’s no denying the road to recovery is tough and will likely have a setback or two. But I’d you go into it as healthy as possible and keep your spirits up, you will get through the bad days and the good days will come. Eventually more and more good days outnumber the bad.

      Set goals: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year. When you hit these milestones, it gets easier and easier as you go along. You will have to work on diet and nutrition, but it is ok. I am thankful this is an option, one my other family members never had to beat stomach cancer.

      Keep me posted.

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