Protein powder

So I got a little behind on shopping and had finished all my GNC Wheybolic protein (both vanilla and strawberry). Both flavors were decent; I personally prefer vanilla because it tastes less fake to me.

So in desperation I started using the pure protein vanilla creme I’d gotten at Walmart a while ago. Can you say disgusting?? So gross. The powder wouldn’t break up in the blender bottle, and when it did, it was super frothy and disgusting to drink. Nothing kills a drink like a small chunk of powder in the middle…

I took Friday afternoon off (awesome!!) and got back to GNC. I went ahead and asked for one that tastes less sweet. The wheybolic one is so “over sucralosed”, it was just too sweet. So I’m trying the GNC 100% whey one and it’s slightly less sweet. It breaks up in the blender bottle perfectly!

Overall my protein shakes seem to be keeping me healthy, but it’s tough to drink them without a plan. I do 8-10 oz lactose free 2% milk with 2 scoops of protein powder. I have to sip on it. I can usually drink half pretty quickly, then break 5-10 min and drink the other half. If I don’t give myself enough time, I just feel downright crappy. Maybe protein overload to the gut, who knows.

I’ve found that integrating my shake into my schedule works well. If I go running first thing in the morning, I drink water before the run to get the gut moving and me hydrated. Then right after my run, I make the shake. If I can drink half, then shower, then drink the other half, it goes very well. And that way, by the time I go to work, I’ve gotten in 300+ calories and 50 grams of protein! (And as an added bonus, no chewing required!)

I’ve also has that purple jar EAS one in the French vanilla flavor. That one tasted great and broke up well, but I’ve never found one in a big bottle. I always feel like I’m getting jipped if I can’t buy in bulk. If I find a big bottle, I’ll let you know

I will say that I’ve also run out of milk before and water works just fine with the protein powder. It’s actually lighter and easier to drink since it’s less calories.

So that’s my current protein assessment. Today’s been a fun day so far. And I even had a few minutes to post my protein assessment!! I’m sure there’s other ones that break down well. I’ll try to add info as I try them out.

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