Recovery Trial & Error

So, I had a few crummy days, but today was not one of them. I’m going off of my theories and those of a fellow gastrectomy patient I’ve connected with, Aimee. She’s 8 months post surgery and able to offer lots of great advice. She believes (and I now am also a believer) that protein input during the day is critical.

The day I puked was a day I didn’t eat enough and what I did eat was mostly carbs. Oatmeal claims to have 5 grams of protein, but before I said goodbye to my stomach, oatmeal always left me starving early in the morning.

I think the trouble now is that I don’t know when I’m hungry. Think of everything you’ve been taught to listen to your body, only eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full….kinda all messed up now. Apparently when I get that ’empty’ feeling that now replaces hunger, it’s too late because I just can’t shovel it down fast enough to catch up. Also, hydration is an issue. And being that it’s 103 today, I’ve got weather going against me. So, if I’m not consuming food, I’m drinking water. Pretty much, I have to eat 24/7. When I do that, I’m actually able to get in enough calories and then I don’t very nauseous. And then to I have the energy to walk.

My theory is that there are 4 keys:
1. Protein-rich continuous eating
2. Hydration
3. Walking
4. Nap when you’re tired

We’ll see if my theory continues to hold true. I was able to do that today and felt great.

I’m getting 4 cans of “formula” now just overnight while I sleep. I’m holding steady on my weight currently. We’ll see if I can eat more so I can drop another can. Probably the most obnoxious thing right now with sleep is that stupid j-tube. It’s the only thing that hurts, giving me random shooting pains. I know it keeps you nourished, but when you’re sitting and getting random pains, you just want it out. And since weight loss is a concern I have, hopefully I can increase my calories everyday enough to hold my weight and quickly say goodbye to “the last tube” in my body. I was able to eat a slice of pizza today, along with a dinner. So, if I can keep that up, I should be in good shape.

One last item to note, I get grumpy by the end of the night. I do find that my body starts shutting down much harder than ever before now, So when it’s time for the kiddos to go to bed, mommy too is ready to wind down. Gives me worries about how I’ll be able to keep up when I return to work. Usually sleep deprivation allowed me to get it all done. I know it’ll all work out, but I will still think about it.

I’m tired, so goodnight again. Congrats for reading this far!

2 thoughts on “Recovery Trial & Error

    • Thanks Tania. I completely understand being super scared before a prophylactic total gastrectomy. It just stinks. I tell people to imagine feeling completely healthy, in good shape, athletic…then walk into the pre-op room to have your stomach removed for a cancer you know you will probably confirm on a pathology report but they can’t detect beforehand. It is crazy!! I had to stay mentally strong and leaned on a patient friend here who had her surgery just before me and was willing to talk me through everything. I hope my story, fellow blogger stories and my brother’s story will help you know the reality and that it WILL be ok. The worst time for stress and anxiety is just knowing you’ll have the surgery, but waiting for that day to arrive (twice, if you get sick right before your first surgery date.)

      You can read blogs if that’s most comfortable, but if you want to talk to someone let me know and I’ll email you my phone number.

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