Running NYC Central Park!

There’s a new term I’ve read about called sightrunning. It’s where you tour a city just by running it. I did that this morning and wanted to share. It was beautiful and I was motivated to get the full 5 miles in. Wore my Boston marathon shirt but felt like a bit of a nerd running so slow while wearing it. Oh well, I’ll use my “I don’t have a stomach and am out of shape” excuse. So if you’re having a bad stomachless day, remember the good days come too.

I will say being stomachless touring through NYC can be frustrating at times. I’ve only had 2 meals fail, one worse than the other. The first one, I needed to “spitup” and was looking for the bathroom frantically and then found out it was locked. That was not cool. The other place, I found a bathroom but wasn’t able to eat anything further. All my other meals have gone fine. Again, it’s just when I get excited about how tasty some food is and one bite goes down too big. But I am able to slowly eat and enjoy all the flavors of my food here.

If anything, this city is well designed for the stomachless because you can always get a snack on just about every corner. So the constant snacking works out well. I’m a total sucker for the roasted almonds.

Here I am in Central Park.


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