Strep throat – beware the weight loss

So what I didn’t need during my recovery the week I return to work is strep. And yet, here I sit at the doctor’s office with my head, neck and throat hurting away. It’s almost a joke with my doctor he only sees me for sinus infections/strep. Hopefully some antibiotics will knock this out before I go back to work.

The problem is weight loss. 2 days ago at the end of the day, I started feeling horrible. That day, I barely got in 1200 calories. Then yesterday I felt ok managing the pain with ibuprofen, but then at 5 I tried to have 1/4 cup cashews. It all came back up. Afterwards, I tried water, it all came back up. Ok, let’s try a carbonated beverage. Nope, it came up too. Mac n cheese, will you stay down? Nope. When every hour counts and you lose 2-3 hours puking/spitting everything back up, it’s 7PM and you still have 900 more calories to go. But after one day of 1200 calories, I had to focus. It seems that whatever was stuck in my esophagus needed 1-2 hours left alone. After that, I was able to eat a good portion of Mac n cheese and beans. And then 1/2 cup ice cream (I can eat half, wait till it melts and then eat the second half so the sugars don’t hit me all at once.)

So I came in really close to 2000 calories yesterday just plugging away at the food, watching a show. I just hope I can get to feeling better because it even hurts to swallow! Yikes!!

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