Small but Perfect II

So I get a bit focused on what yummy breakfast to eat after an early morning run. And again, the focus is on small volume but super yummy foods.

I’ve been savoring English muffins lately. So this morning, I made scrambled eggs, grilled the muffins with butter, topped off with a slice of tomato, a slice of mozzarella cheese, a dollop of grape jelly and a dash of salt… Voila! The perfect stomachless breakfast for me. On a side note, I do like an over easy egg as well, but scrambled is the only kind my kids like. So I make a big batch of scrambled eggs and reheat on busy mornings for 20 seconds in the microwave.


On the exercise front, running is going very well. I just signed up for next year’s half marathon again!! My only battle now is laziness; getting up at 5AM seems to be the only way to incorporate exercise into my day. And I’m not much of a morning person able to hop out of bed! I never regret it when I do; it’s just the mental debate I go through while lying in bed and the alarm goes off so early.

I’m also trying to incorporate some Cheerios everyday in my diet to help battle what I think is a slight iron deficiency. (Cheerios have 45% of your daily iron. Not sure how much I absorb since my duodenum was bypassed and the majority of iron is absorbed there.) And I will try to take one iron supplement per week. I had noticed my nails bring more brittle than usual and believe it to be a sign of your iron level being low. I feel like I’m getting more energy as well. Will see how that goes.

2 thoughts on “Small but Perfect II

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog and your amazing strength and courage. I recently found out that I carry the CDH1 gene after being diagnosed with bilateral lobular breast cancer at 36. I wasn’t aware of the gastric cancer as we do not have a high prevalence of it in my family. We had the meeting with the genetic counselors just last week who gave us their strong recommendation of total gastrectomy. Now we have to make sure that there is nothing going on with my stomach so I can proceed with my breast cancer treatment. As you are well aware, it is quite overwhelming. I thank you so much for your openness and willingness to share your story. It has already eased some of my fears and provided insight as to what life can be on the other side of this diagnosis. Thank you!!

    • Thanks Courtney! There is a good network of blogs like mine through if you haven’t already seen them also. And my post about fellow CDH1 bloggers. Keep in touch and if you have any pressing questions, I try to answer them promptly with my experience/understanding. I can only imagine how overwhelmed you are with everything right now. I mulled over the CDH1 possibility for many years before finally going in for testing!


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