Small but Perfect

I’ve found myself craving making complex tasty foods in the appropriate small portion sizes. I’d say it’s similar to Steve Dang’s post about beautiful food. (Shout out to Steve!) My food is certainly not beautiful, but it had all the wonderful flavors imaginable.

Here’s my hamburger slider with a creamy cilantro and a ketchup sauce, plus a slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce. I seasoned the ground chuck with Worceshire, garlic, salt and pepper. And I grilled the mini bun with butter…yum!

Here is my mini work of art! Specially sized for the stomachless crowd.


4 thoughts on “Small but Perfect

  1. Sliders are seriously the best! I’ve actually been plating my food on small plates so at least it looks normal size! haha! 😛

    I still have to roll turkey instead of beef, but it’s equally delicious! Way to go!

    • Hi Rachel!!
      You’d have to confirm with whole foods. It was a side item that came with their meatballs. It’s awesome, whatever it is exactly!!

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