Still not using my feeding tube!

My weight has been pretty stable since I stopped doing the overnight formula nutrition. As long as I focus on food and drink throughout the day, I can keep up. I’ve been told a year or so post-op, a lot of people can get down to about 3 meals a day. I’m doing it in a modified way….eat the first half with the family and just keep returning to work on a few more bites at a time until I’m happy with the portion I was able to eat.

Weakness does seem to help me define when I’m hungry. I’m certainly not always feeling as strong as before, but most of the time I do feel like my old self. My main incision where they removed my stomach feels sore, especially when I lay on my tummy. But that continues to fade, and most of the time I don’t really think about it. (half of my surgery was laproscopic and the 2nd half was fully open)

I even had some ice cream last night and it went really well. I’d say it was about 1/4-1/2 cup. Felt fine afterwards…was just watching a show on tv. So, if I’ve got ice cream, that should help my calories when I’m ready to think about running my half marathon in January!

I still “spit up” sometimes. It’s usually after the first bite when I try to forget I don’t have a stomach and just swallow without massive amounts of chewing. Again, it seems mostly like air gets trapped; everything’s fine after it passes and I just continue eating. Also I try to sit up for 30 min after eating or drinking. And the docs said to stay propped at least 30 degrees when sleeping because you’re an aspiration risk after surgery. Not sure I feel that way, but sounds like one risk they list.

Have a great night!

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