Sugar crash!

Saturday night before dinner I had quite a few bites of some leftover carrot cake. This apparently was just too much sugar.

Since I’ve posted photos of full energy Marne after running my half marathon, it seemed appropriate to post the polar opposite sugar crash photo…a reality of life without a stomach sometimes!


On a side note, my bloodwork came back and I’m still fighting my low prealbumin, an indicator for longer-term protein storage. From what I read about prealbumin, it’s stores for the last two weeks. My diet went downhill during our vacation, so I think this is to blame. I’m back into my healthy diet again, trying to bring those stores back up!! Plus I picked up my Creon prescription, so that should help. Omg, it was $190!!! It had better help a lot! And there’s no generic available.

Have a great night! And try not to eat too much sugar at once!

3 thoughts on “Sugar crash!

  1. Uh oh.. today was my first day on mushy foods and decided to buy a jar of Nutella to have melted on icecream.. Not sure if you have it in America but it’s basically a jar of chocolate spread and is so easy to eat on its own. I just ate far too much directly out of the jar and came across your post at the same time. Oops!

    • Yes, we do have Nutella here. The first ingredient is sugar!! I check all labels for sugar content here. I can enjoy some Nutella but have to be very careful. If you couple sugar with protein, it’s usually not as bad also.

  2. I second Marne’s suggestion– sugar + fat/protein usually works well. I couldn’t tolerate hardly any sugar for the first couple of weeks of my recovery, but now I eat a small portion of ice cream almost every day (because, why not). Don’t be afraid to go back and try something in a few weeks– amazing how much more you can tolerate after some solid healing takes place. Not sure about you, Marne, but it was like one day a switch went off for me and suddenly I could tolerate just about everything (in small portions, of course). Keep up the good work, Kate!

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