The best turkey sandwich

After my “unable to keep food down” debacle, I’m just extra happy to enjoy my food. I got a turkey sandwich today on white bread with Swiss cheese, tomato slices with the skins cut off, mayonnaise and spicy mustard. I eat lunch at my desk and when I said, “omg, this is so good”, my coworker just laughed and gave me a funny look. After all, it was just a turkey sandwich. I used to not put on mayo because of calories, but I’m quite certain that is what made it taste so darn good and let’s face it, I can use some calories.

One of the questions I get from people about my gastrectomy is whether I still enjoy food. I’d say absolutely! Maybe even more so. I’ve also found the slower you eat food, the quicker you realize it’s quality. Bad stuff tastes gross when chewed to mush.

Now that I’m eating again, I’m able to drive the scale back up. I think I’ve recaptured some of my weight loss. It is hard to stay hydrated and gain some lbs, but I’m figuring it out.

I will mention that this weekend, I almost ate an entire chipotle burrito. Yes, you read that right! I did the first part at lunchtime, put it in the fridge and had most of the rest in the afternoon. I went with the barbacoa for protein because I’ve found it to be the most moist. I didn’t put any lettuce on there or picante, but it was still scrumptious. So glad to have my appetite back. And when every bite of your food stays down, it’s a lot easier to enjoy. (If you’d asked about my food enjoyment 2 weeks ago you would’ve gotten a scowl.)

Have a good night!

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