The Last Meals Saga

So today began my stomach’s last lunch, dinner and tomorrow will be its last breakfast. No, surgery isn’t tomorrow. It’s Friday. Tomorrow is a fancy, classy day the doctors call “Magnesium citrate bowel preparation”. Sounds fun, huh? No need to drool in envy, I know I’m special.

I do have to say it has the strangest rules that maybe someone in the medical community can one day explain to me. I get that the main goal is to clear everything out. You can drink as much water as you want, but you MUST drink 1-1.5 liters of “caloried liquids”. In the acceptable list is many beverages that will generally put me on an absolute sugar high that I fear coming down from. Gatorade, carbonated drinks, pulpless juices like apple juice and cranberry juice, chicken broth, coffee with sugar and no milk-based drinks. They call all of the listed items “clear liquids”, but when my kids drink cranberry juice and spill it on the couch, I don’t consider it very clear. Suffice it to say, I will follow their rules, but that certainly does not mean that I agree with their definition.

Now, most importantly…. What were my last meals? Lunch was red curry chicken on a bed of rice…yum! I got to enjoy that with some friends from work. And dinner was our family favorite, El Jarrito. I enjoyed my usual chicken enchilada and margarita, while the kids played in the playground and later devoured their cheese quesadillas. All in all, a wonderful day for a foodie. Tomorrow will prove to be lackluster for food, but the plan is to scrap the afternoon of work and instead get a pedicure. At least while I hobble around the hospital, my toes will look good.

And lucky for me, one of our air conditioning units went out last night. So the afternoon will also entail a very exciting visit from the A/C repair guy. To give some imagery around our evening with no cooling upstairs…it’s 85 degrees up there and the kids are sleeping on a blowup mattress in the living room. Not sure whether it was the 100 degree heat outside or the events of this week that made Murphy kill the A/C.

Now I just hope I can sleep all night. It’s almost like the kids sense I will be away for a while because they’ve magically appeared in the middle of the night this week. Not sure if I can’t sleep with them in bed or if my subconscious is nervous about the surgery. We’ll see how tonight goes.


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