The Spit Factor

So it’s taken me a little while to figure out what exactly is happening with some of my first bites of food. I have to spit a bunch, then afterwards I can generally finish the entire meal… I do believe I forget how much I need to chew in the first few bites, so food goes down that’s too big for my new plumbing. I personally don’t usually feel it being “stuck”, but it must be. And since saliva is the first step in digestion, my body starts cranking up salivation (I kinda sound like Pavlov’s dog right now.) I guess this is just my body adapting to what it has to do without a stomach.

Today’s foods were:
Tortilla with peanut butter
2 more spoons of peanut butter (needed calories and didn’t bring a lot of food I’m not tired of. For now, I can eat peanut butter all day long. Yes, I should be eating more of my cashews.)
1/2 cup oatmeal sweetened with Splenda
2 hot dogs (no buns)
1 new potatoe
Bowl Panera broccoli cheddar
1 Panera bread baguette

I’ve found breads are too filling with meals where I need protein. I was able to eat the baguette way afterwards. Also, diet sodas go well. I hope artificial sweeteners aren’t horrible for you because I’ve been leaning on them a lot.

Have a good night.

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