Today marks day 7 in the hospital

I’ve taken it upon myself to change into real clothes for the remainder of my stay here. Get my “pee tube” out today, so from now on I get to be a big girl and go to the potty all by myself. Once they take that thing out, goal 1 is a full shower. Go team! Reducing tubes hooked into my body one by one.

Pain is doing pretty well with Motrin every 8 hours. And I can get Tylenol hopped up with some narcotic as needed upon request. Only had that last night at 10. I really don’t like when they pump cold water into my feeding tube around the medicine because it makes all of me cold and is a bit uncomfortable.

I continue clear liquids today, but slowly increasing amounts. Just trying to keep up with my walking and sleep. The good thing about major surgery is that your body is so tired that you now have a lot of good excuses to nap and feel fine using all those chances to snooze. Did 3 walks so far today and am now tired again. Sleep zone/veg in front of horrible daytime programming.

One thought on “Today marks day 7 in the hospital

  1. Looking GREAT! Marne, we are so proud of you! Your courage to overcome this is very inspirational to all. We are praying for your continued recovery, also Kyle, Hudson and Sydney.

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