Too much negativity

Some meals go perfectly fine. I probably “over blog” the bad meals hoping people reading this before/after surgery will glean an understanding of what challenges are to come or can relate to what they’re going through. (I’m not really sure who all my audience is for this blog.) It’s like product reviews on amazon, people who are upset are more likely to review than the person perfectly happy with his/her product.

Today, I had an entire serving of one of those Stouffer lasagnas with meat sauce, 1/3 cup of peas and 3 slices of canned peaches. I chewed like a champ, and everything went down well on the first try. Add a 1/4 glass of white wine, my first wine attempt. I’m more of a merlot gal, but white wine is what was available.

This meal will be called “epic success”. I felt like a person with normal plumbing tonight! Score one for team Marne!!

2 thoughts on “Too much negativity

  1. I’m 2yrs TG. Keep going!! I’m running my first half marathon in couple months. I only recently have been able to eat better. I’ve had many many bumps in the road. You are strong and you will get back to running. You are further ahead than I am. Would love to share more with you

    • Hi Sarah!

      So happy to read your comment! Would love to hear how your half goes and how all the training is going as well. I’ll send you an email to connect further!


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