Vitamin supplementation Plan – 2 years Post Total Gastrectomy

From what I’ve read and been told, after 6 months, most of your vitamin stores from before a total gastrectomy are assumedly gone. So, it is safe to say that at 2 years post-gastrectomy, I am fully dependent upon diet and supplements to maintain my health.

I just wanted to share with you what I currently am using as a reference. Check with your doctor for your plan. I’ve certainly discovered that everyone’s body reacts and heals differently from this surgery!

Since I have struggled with some major iron deficiency, I found that Centrum chewables is the only chewable multivitamin that actually contains iron. So, I take that one every morning and evening. My theory with the chewable vitamins is that the more I can break it down before it hits my system, the better for absorption.



Then, here is the type of ferrous sulfate (iron) supplement I take. It’s NatureMade because that’s what’s available at my local grocery store. I make sure I get uncoated tablets for better absorption by my gut.

I know that too much iron is a concern, but since I was so deficient, taking this twice a day isn’t an issue yet. I know my iron absorption is reduced due to my total gastrectomy, and I was so extremely anemic that I haven’t reached a tipping point of too much iron. When you get too much iron, you get constipated. I can still poop, so it seems ok so far. To confirm my success with this, I am awaiting an August well visit with my doctors to include a vitamin and mineral screen.

On a side note, I suppose you could take the liquid iron supplement, but that just seems like it’d taste extra disgusting. I couldn’t even stand the smell when I gave it to my children when they were infants.

And since iron absorption is better done with vitamin C, I chew some vitamin C before taking that iron pill supplement.


Last but not least is Vitamin B12. I chose to take the sublingual drops (under the tongue) because I didn’t want monthly shots. I’ve read some folks debating if sublingual drops are effective. With daily sublingual drops taken since my surgery, my B12 is actually high above the typical range. So, the absorption must be effective. I now am balancing to take the drops every other day so that I’m in the healthy range. At this two seconds, I’m taking the B complex sublingual drops; but I’ve also see just B12 available at the store. I’m not sure if the B complex is necessary, but I thought I’d try it.


Stay healthy my friends.

8 thoughts on “Vitamin supplementation Plan – 2 years Post Total Gastrectomy

  1. It has been 2+ years simce mt total gasrectomyand I am now 92+ also.I give my self a B-12 shot twicw a month and take iron pills twie a day. All my blood test are normal As long as I eat small meals,take small bites, and chew very much life seems about normal for me, However within the past 2 months, I get a clamy,sweating feelinf after eating and my temp. drops a degree or two when that happens. My Drs. are puzeled.I have not changed my diet and my weight has been very stable for two years..any others have that feeling ? thanks

    • Hi John,

      I haven’t gotten that feeling. It does sound like dumping syndrome though. I wonder if you tested your blood sugar level while you have that feeling it that could be the culprit.


  2. Thank you very much for the information! You have read my mind! I’ve been dealing a lot with this issue. My 48 year old husband suffered a total gastrectomy due to cancer on the 7th of August,2013.We’ve been following a long,difficult way of surviving since then.Let’s keep in touch! God bless you!

    • Thank you Laura!! Nutrition and recovery seems to be constantly changing…just try something new if the old technique wasn’t working!! 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for your blog! It has given me A LOT of good information, encouragement and hope! I am a cancer survivor,almost a year since the diagnosis and with the help of God, I hope to have a good run for Him. This certainly has been a game changer 🙂 Please keep up the good job and again, thank you for your posts!

  4. Hi there. Its actually been a long time since I’ve read your posts. I’m the tennis player without a stomach who left a few replies on your blog posts a few years ago. I recently discovered a fantastic source for chewable vitamins for people like us. The company is actually mostly targeting the population of people who’ve had bariatric surgery. But hey, close enough! It is Celebrate vitamins at Check it out. I take their vitamins every day now. Finally I’ve found a good chewable source of calcium citrate and not that calcium carbonate that requires stomach acid to absorb. Hope all is well with you. I see you haven’t posted since January this year so I hope you survived that last marathon! Take care.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I do remember your comments!! I have had trouble getting comments alerts on my phone, so apologies for this being so delayed!!! I will definitely try out those vitamins. Anything that helps us special stomachless folks is worth a try! The marathon did go really well. It got quite busy because MD Anderson featured my race in their blog here: here.

      I hope you are doing well. I certainly am. I am just falling behind on my blog!! Life tends to be crazy in a good way!

      All the best,

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