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I realized I hadn’t spoken to what vitamins/supplements I’ve taken post surgery. Well, here goes…. Generally, I think it’s best to get nutrition from food, but I think multivitamins fill gaps. And since my focus now is on calories, not necessarily quality, it must be more critical now. On the flip side, I’ve also heard it just makes our pee expensive.

I will preface this post with a link to a very disturbing article about the unregulated supplements industry (I don’t think this is as relevant to multivitamins, but the article was disturbing). My takeaway is if you’re in the US, make sure it says ‘FDA approved’. The rest is unregulated.

So before my gastrectomy, my monster multivitamin pill would wrench my gut if I didn’t take it with a meal. So, I’d slowly grown into the habit of just taking 2 of my kids’ gummy vitamins. Seems to work for me now. And initially the thought of a big pill to swallow with new gastric plumbing was quite horrifying, so it was better than nothing.

So I was using my protein shake to ensure my vitamin intake beyond the gummies. I figured it has an array of vitamins in it as well to top up what I’m missing, but of all the things I eat, I’ve recently noticed I feel cruddy/slightly nauseous afterwards. I might try some other brands and see how it goes. I’ll post about that later what I figure out. Now that I haven’t done protein shakes the past few days, I worry I might fall short on protein or vitamins. Hopefully another shake will agree. And with time, I can do the bigger pills. (If you’re wondering, I can get down tablet ibuprofen and other small tablet OTC medicines ok. I just have to be careful it stays down because I’m cheap and don’t want to waste them. I was told to just stay away from the extended release capsules because our meds don’t stop in the stomach so we don’t need the delay.)

Onto B12 specifically… My doctors said my cells had enough B12 stores since I’m healthy to last 6 months. I’m the theory of let’s get it started now because I need my energy. I’ve started taking “sublingual B12 drops”. (read: under the tongue) Actually tastes good (far better than that horrible thrush medicine). Though it is red, so brush teeth afterwards. If you haven’t read up on gastrectomies and wonder why am I talking just about B12… B12 is the only vitamin that is solely absorbed in your stomach. So you have 3 choices post op for B12 supplementation. Drops are OTC, the cheapest option & no shots! Hooray!!

Vitamin D and Calcium… We asked what the long-term health concerns were about not having a stomach. Our surgeon quickly responded long-term worries were just about having enough Vitamin D and calcium. Just like concerns for old age. Ugh!

Ok, those are my feelings on vitamins. Have a good evening.

2 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements

  1. Hi Marne, thank you for this blog, it is truly a gift! I am about 1.5 months post op and still finding my way. Curious- What B12 supplement are you taking? There are so many options on amazon.

    Thanks again,

    • I take a brand available in my town, called Nature’s Valley. It is liquid sublingual B12 in a dropped. Hope that helps!

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