So the newborn baby analogy continues…

The whole goal with the feeding tube is to use it for nutrition when you leave the hospital, then slowly wean down the formula as you up your eating game. You start at 5 cans formula. I think a week after the hospital, I pulled it down to 4. Last week, I dropped it to 3 and then 2 the other day. I’ve been able actually gain weight on the 2 cans! So I made a management decision and didn’t use the feeding tube at all last night. That’s right folks, no intermittent humming of the pump going all night…just quiet.

Seem to be ok today. Seemed to be hungry when I woke up and ready for my yogurt. Kids are crazy today and the cleanliness of the house was beyond what my OCD limits would allow. And now the house is clean…huzzah! So, bagel and peanut butter were late, though I did well finishing my first 20 oz water bottle early. Was outside a bit this morning, and yesterday at 5, my car read 106 after driving, not even sitting in the sun. Yes, hydration thru the Texas summer…crazy. Makes you think this surgery is better done in the spring or fall when you won’t dehydrate and can actually do your walks outdoors…

So, my next appointment is Thursday. Maybe I can convince them to pull out the feeding tube if I can keep up my weight between now and Thursday. Game on!

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