Wicked Date Night

Just keep trying. That’s the motto today. It is going well for me, and I want that to be an inspiration for others.

Tonight, kids have a babysitter and we’re off to see Wicked. Decided to try Olive Garden for dinner beforehand. I’m admittedly unmotivated about the thought of food, so I told the hubbie to pick and laughed saying he would get more enjoyment out of the whole thing so he should choose. Cue remark, “Oh great. Is this what eating out with you will be like for the rest of our lives?” I had a smart remark back of course. But we went out to eat and quite enjoyed it. Was scared I didn’t want to puke in public and chewed so slowly. Patience paid off. I slowly ate & nothing came back up. I think people probably think I have an eating disorder now when they wait on me. Lol

Here’s how it went.

Short wait, so got a Blue Moon. I loved wheat beers before and still love them now.


Then my first venture at lettuce! It was a tiny portion but so tasty in all that dressing!


Had one bruschetta with 1-2 tbsp spinach artichoke dip. Then I got my half toasted beef ravioli, half mushroom ravioli with marinara (They were so kind to make up my meal as differently as I requested vs the actual menu.). They were both so yummy, though toasty takes more chewing. With all that food, I was able to eat 2 mushroom raviolis and 1 toasty beef. Ate a 3rd mushroom ravioli in the car to the theater because I like improvisation & that’s how I roll! I figure why not in a city that at one time had the highest number of restaurants per capita in the states!

And here was the rainbow on the way in town…

And final photo, I promise. Here we are at intermission!! Much needed fun night out!


So, my life without a stomach might be frustrating sometimes, but it’s also so wonderful!

Have a great night!

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